Premier Players – The Imprtance of Rules in Sport


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Rules are very important for anything because they make things more interesting, meaningful and managed. Rules provide an agreement of understanding to competition. Rules in sports define what is allowed or not allowed to occur during situations on and off the field. If there are no rules and regulations in sports, then they would become boring because nobody would understand that what is going on or what not. Rules bring order and fairness in sports and games. Rules are what actually define what the game is!!

If no rules existed at all, then the games and sports would have no structure. It is the only rules that actually tell us what the sport is: including what the boundaries are and what equipment is used. Basically, sports having rules to know what is wrong & what is Right. Without rules it is just impossible to play sport: if sport is the body then rules are the soul – without soul it is difficult to survive.

Premier Players Sports Foundation helps the orphaned and needy children with accommodation so as to be fit and fine and be a productive part of their communities and fulfill their desires and dreams. The foundation is also teach the proper rules of the games to all children so that Sports’ rules help prevent injuries during practice and in games. The rules of a game apply to coaches, and officials, and vary among different sports and age groups.


Rules for Players:
Players are expected to follow rules governed by their team such as attending practices, behavior, camps and wearing the correct and proper uniform. Players may also be expected to train and practice outside of their playing season to stay physically fit and updated on their skills.

Rules for Coaches:
To be able to successfully train a team and mentor players during a game, coaches should proper and fully understand the rules and regulations of the sport they coach. Coaches need to understand additional aspects of sports rules such as proper nutrition, game ethics and first aid, and be able to implement these aspects during practices and games.

Premier Players – Sports Foundation provides the best coach. The Premier Coach Award is presented to the Head Coach fans voted as the best in his or her sport via online polls.
Sports and Games have rules so everyone can play fair and there can be a winner and a loser, each of which conditions teach valuable life lessons for all.

Closing the Gender Gap – Women’s Participation in Sport


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Women’s opportunities to participate in sport have improved over the years. A comparison of the results of 22 Olympic events between 1976 and 1988 shows women closing the gap in 15. They reduced the differences by an average of 26.7 percent. Women made significant gains in all speed skating events, track sprints, and breaststroke in swimming and the backstroke. 


Premier Players Sports Foundation is the campaigns to make physical activity an everyday part of life for women and girls. It has funded a range of activities from community education to elite athlete training program’s and seeks to promote women in coaching and administration positions in sport as well as competition through its Women Get Set Go course.

Participation Rates Compared to Men:

• More males (65.0%) participated in sport and physical activities than females (59.9%) at least once in the 12 months prior to interview.

• Similar proportions of males (38.7%) and female (38.6%) participated for 53 times or more during the same period.

• Males (34.3%) had a higher participation rate in organised sport than females (28.5%).

• Participation rates declined with increasing age. Females aged 25 – 35 years had the highest participation rate (68.0%)    while females aged 65 years and over had the lowest (41.3%).

The Premier Player Trophy is awarded to athletes based on the votes of sports fans from around the world. John R. Wooden Award is given to the most outstanding women’s college basketball players by Los Angles Athletic Club and many mores.

Women`s sports have made great strides in the United States, especially in high school and college. The number of girls participating in high school sports has increased from about 200,000 in 1971 to 1.8 million. There were no college scholarships awarded to women athletes before 1982, but approximately 10,000 women are now on scholarship.

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Premier Players – Gives Children a Foundation For Sports & Life Success


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Childhood is a time for exploring opportunities. A child may have an unexpressed potential in becoming a dancer, sports person or a performer. For the same, parents must give them the right exposure to heighten their awareness. Participating in sports can also boost self-esteem and improve skills. Encourage your child’s interest in athletics to help ensure that the experience is a positive one.

Children should not learn a sport without a foundation. Having a foundation will increases their chance of fulfill their dreams and success. For example, hitting a baseball is not best taught by giving a child a bat and telling them to swing away or swing a racket. The child first needs to know how to use their feet and how to move their body for play. The feet start, support and power each athletic movement. Training the child also improves all other vital areas for children’s athletics. By teaching youngsters using unstable surfaces and slant boards, they begin with a solid base upon which to build future athletic success.

child sports

Premier Players Sports Foundation provides the sports related events and activities in many school, colleges and universities and explaining how totally different kinds of games are played. The Premier Players Sports Foundation is the best sports foundation which provides the proper sports equipment, financial sponsorship and medical facilities to the orphaned and needy children with accommodation so as to be a productive part of sports community and fulfill their desires and dreams.

Technique is invaluable for children in sports and games. A good coach will train children s to shoot the basketball, or swing a racket, or throw a baseball. The Premier Players Sports Foundation provides the best coaches to the children for their sports training. Rarely do coaches show children how to play, run, or jump. These techniques allow children to approach sports with a greater chance of having a fulfilling experience, and avoiding any injury, illness and disappointment. Teaching the proper way to jump and run, as well as change direction, will lead to a greater enjoyment of physical activity and a healthier lifestyle as well as imbue children with confidence and a positive attitude.

This Sports Foundation rewards the children on basis of their good behavior and helps build their self esteem. Additional physical activity will lead to more confidence, fewer injuries, avoiding disappointment and illnesses, greater energy and ultimately happier youngsters. Such preparation will also clarify sports for many children, particularly as they grow, allowing them to learn the long list of invaluable lessons offered by competition.

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The Importance of Sports Awards and Rewards for Children !!!


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The Premier Players Sports Foundation is a nonprofit company based in Tempa,Fl, helps orphaned Children, foster care and special needs children with accommodation so as to be a productive part of their sports communities and fulfill their dreams and desires. Premier Players Sports Foundation is providing services regarding sports proper equipment, apparel and league sponsorship’s.

Sports and extra-curricular activities are very important for a child. Outdoor activities and Games play their own special part in the growth of a healthy and nourished body. It helps in developing both metal and physical toughness.

Premier Player Sports Foundation is additionally inspiring students by providing the assorted Sports Trophy just like the Premier Player Award of school soccer,The Premier Player Award of school Basketball, The Premier Player Award of school Baseball, The Premier Player Award of school Softball and lots of additional. It rewards the youngsters on basis of their sensible behavior and helps build their self-worth.


The importance of sports awards can not be overemphasized within the early years of the lives of youngsters. This can be the time, once youngsters area unit effort skills and finishing tasks that were once new and a mystery to them. To develop confidence in youngsters of further enhancing their efforts and ability, it’s mandatory for the lecturers, tutors, oldsters and different elders in their life to praise them, acknowledge them and gift awards for sporting events.

Sporting Awards

Awarding Children for sporting accomplishment encourages truthful play, rewards excellence within the field and helps build their self esteem.

Awarding youngsters with certificates throughout the season, still as at the top, could be a smart plan. Commemorate the highlights of the season with annual certificates, and personalize them for every team member, recognizing them for things like ‘Best Player’, ‘Most Dedicated’ or ‘Most Encouraging Team Member.’

At the top of the season you may additionally get the kids to vote and have some awards for ‘Most inspirational player’ or Team Spirit Awards like this provide youngsters a way of possession and responsibility and that they learn to examine the importance in recognizing their fellow players.

Rewards for Good Behavior

Rewarding a child for good behavior and achievement is a positive step. Rewards can help inspire youngsters who may have behavioral difficulties at College and school, they can encourage a child or help a child get over the problem of bed wetting. If a child is behaving not suitably in school it’s necessary to seem into the explanations why, because it may stem from any variety of problems, a number of that may need skilled treatment.

Premier Players : The Value of Sports In Our Lives


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Premier Players says The value of sports in our lives has the great potential to help instill positive qualities as one develops character, responsibility and patience. Sports are a great asset for us and a significant part of human life. Games and Sports develop our skills and abilities, teach discipline, and cooperation.

“A sound mind in a sound body” is a famous saying. Good health and sound body are essential for success in life and also a must to face the challenges of life. An unhealthy man is always sad, feels gloomy and therefore loses confidence in him. A man with good health and sound body is always happy and feels capable of hard endeavor and life without endeavor is useless. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is a well- known saying. Sports and Games develop the spirit of healthy competition. On the Field or off the Mental preparation and healthy body is a huge part of any success.

Sports and Games include a number of outdoors games and indoor games. Some outdoor games are, like football, hockey and softball etc. Each and every game has it own rules and regulations. All players have to follow the rules and regulation in a proper way. No one can win the match without following the rules and laws of the games. There is penalty for players if any player does not follow the laws of games.

Games and Sports are a valuable and integral part of school education. Education will incomplete without development of mind and body, any physical exercise and training. It is also notice that children who play sports are less to use smoke and drugs. The understanding of the spirit of the game makes a player a little different from others.

Premier Player Sports Foundation helps the orphaned children and also providing the proper sports equipment and medical facilities to the children. In U.S, Department of Health and Human Services reported that 55 percent of all high school students participated in sports and sport participation records had reached record levels. India needs good and best players and sports persons and are in great demand to participate in an international events.



Premier Players – Sports Foundation Providing Sports Related Career


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Sports and games is increasingly recognized from both the educational and social points of view. Sports have become an essential part of the schools, colleges and universities and even day to day life. Sports and games helps in developing both the mental and physical toughness.It has also proved to be a financial support to the needy students.Sports being the only thing for amusement and even teaches a lot of lessons to the persons like sportsmanship which helps them develop internally and professionally in their life.

The Premier Player Sports Foundation helps the orphaned children with accommodation so as to be fit and fine and be a productive part of their communities and fulfill their desires and dreams. The foundation is also providing the proper sports equipment, financial sponsorship and medical facilities to the children.The main mission for Premier players is to make the economy of our nation to rise with the help of sports.

Premier Player provides the sports related events and activities in many school, colleges and universities and explaining how different kinds of games are played. Sports event is an extremely powerful idea through which we can experience the performance of an athlete directly and leave a positive impact on people’s mind. Also many other athletes will get inspired from sport events. Inspiration is also the reason why national sporting achievement and major sporting events are so important.

Now the turn of the awards and achievements that one can attain by his sports career.Although awards are the simple memento’s presented to the achievers but they carry the great importance plus a life time memorable mark in their life.Premier Player Sports Foundation is also inspiring students by providing the various Sports Trophy like The Premier Player Award of College Football,The Premier Player Award of College Basketball, The Premier Player Award Of College Baseball, The Premier Player Award Of College Softball and many more. It rewards the children on basis of their good behavior and helps build their self esteem.

And the biggest award is given to the children in terms of the Premier Players Sports Magazine to get a chance to be its cover page.This magazine provides the latest information on athletic facility, special features vital of athletic, per-game analysis for professional and college baseball, basketball and golf. Magazine provides the sport news, independent sport photography, marketing and communication.


One of the most anticipated events in the sporting world happens to be the FIFA World Cup, which is having its 20th edition this year. It is the biggest single-event sporting competition in the world and is held once every four years. Fans of the game across the globe follow the gaming action live, watch their favorite players vie for glory on the field and witness new records being set.

Brazil, which has won the title five times and are the only team to have qualified for every tournament since its start, will play host this year to the FIFA World Cup which begins on 12th June, 2014. Porto Alegre has been gearing up to host the FIFA World Cup 2014 ever since Brazil was declared as the host nation. From revamping its stadiums to upgrading its public utility services, they are leaving no stone unturned to give football fans a once in a lifetime experience.

The city has worn a festive look and going all out to impress one and all. The Estadio Beira-Rio stadium, which will be will be hosting five games, has undergone a complete makeover in preparation of the FIFA World Cup. Not only has the overall infrastructure of the stadium has been revamped to accommodate the teeming multitude of soccer fans, but an extra and creative metal roof has also been installed to cover the stands, ramps and the turnstile areas.

Live action station :- The place where all the live action will take place starting 12th June, 2014, is the Estadio Beira-Rio. The stadium is located on the banks of the River Guaiba, and has a picture-postcard setting to it. Estadio Beira-Rio, which has saw many a scintillating derby matches and has also hosted four Copa Libertadores finals, is slated to host five games in the FIFA World Cup. The match that has excited everybody is the Round-of-16 tie. Beira-Rio has a seating capacity of 50,287, a number that was largely boosted due to the construction project that the stadium authorities undertook as a part of the revamping process. Being the largest football ground in southern Brazil, the Beira-Rio has some eye-catching support features as well. Furthermore, it has superb connectivity to ease smooth inflow and outflow of spectators at the time of the matches.

Weather during the World Cup :- Porto Alegre has four very defined seasons and generally has a warm, humid temperate climate with hot summers and no dry season. Summer months have average temperatures ranging from 27ºC to 35ºC, with temperatures sometimes exceeding the 35ºC mark as well. Winters here are quite cold with records of subzero temperatures as well as heavy snow. But compared to the other capitals of Brazil, Porto Alegre has a milder climate with an annual average temperature of 19.5ºC. In the months of June-July (at the time of the World Cup), Porto Alegre is expected to have cool weather with temperatures hovering between 20-23ºC accompanied by calm to gentle breeze. Such weather conditions will not only be enjoyable for the live spectators at the stadium, but also for the players who will benefit from the absence of sweltering heat and humidity.

Games and their Dates for this city :-Porto Alegre will play host to nine teams who will play a total of five matches during the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Although the details are not known yet, what is known is that of the nine teams, one team will certainly play more than once. Even though Brazil is hosting this edition of the World Cup, the host team will not get a chance to play at the Estadio Beira-Rio at Porto Alegre.


Educational Fun Games Make Learning Entertaining

 Premier Players says Many children merely don’t like learn. Nevertheless, most children enjoy playing. This is why it is so compulsory for parents and teachers to implement a different method like educational fun games both into school and home for children. When children playing these games, they actually forget they are in the learning process. There are many benefits to providing these games to your children to raise their learning.

Better Understanding :- Even though children don’t know they are learning while they are playing games, they are still sob the knowledge. This take to a better understanding of the material connect with the game. For example, if the child is playing a fun game deal with math facts, his mind will be absorb the knowledge, put in it for posterior use. When the child sits down with his homework, he will be impress by how much he knows.

Entertainment :- Today, it is important to provide children with the entertainment value they crave. Most of children are playing video game. These games are a lot of fun but didn’t teach the child anything. When you regenerate some of these games with educational fun games, you will be furnish your child with the entertainment value he craves without resign the educational value, helping him learn more easily and simply.

Boost Thinking Skills :- These games need the child to think creatively so they can solve the problems presented in the game. When you provide educational games to your child, you will be helping him, hike up his captious thinking skills. These critical thinking skills are very important to your child’s educational success, however, these skills are also helpful in many other parts of life, even when your child starts their career as an adult. Using games to develop these skills is providing your child with all the building blocks he needs to be winning in their whole life, not just in school.

Educational fun games are a large way for you to promote your child to learn, specially if he doesn’t like to learn. With the help of the right fun games, you can modify your child’s understanding of the materials presented, as well as boost his captious thinking skills to increase his chances of success. In addition,with educational value of these games, these educational games are helpful to provide the entertainment value so many children crave today. Without being fun, children mostly don’t want to learn, making these games a useful drive for parents and teachers alike.

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How to Play a Fantasy Sports League :-

A fantasy sport is a game where participants act as owners to build a team that competes against other fantasy owners based on the statistics generated by the real individual players or teams of a professional sport also see daily fantsy sports. Probably the most common variant converts statistical performance into points that are compiled and totaled according to a roster selected by a manager that makes up a fantasy team. These point systems are simple enough to be manually calculated by a “league commissioner.” In fantasy sports, participants have ability to trade, chop, and sign players, like a real sports owner.

So here Premier Players suggest you some tips for follow a better strategy for fantasy sports :-

Research :- Research is essential when coming up with a strategy. The Research stage comes before the actual draft. Research gives you some information that can help provide you insight of who is good and who is bad. Research can be anything from looking at past seasons on players, or by looking at their injury history. Doing your research right can give you an edge when deciding who you want for your team and who you don’t want.

Mock Drafts :- Mock drafts are a good idea and can provide insight as well. You may be asking what the point of doing a mock draft if you won’t even be able to keep the roster you selected? Participating in mock drafts shows you what players other people will think are good or are bad. If a person you really want consistently gets drafted early, then you may consider either drafting him earlier or find a replacement if the price is too high. The same goes if a player you want gets drafted later than usual. You can possibly wait on him a little longer and try to go for someone else and hope he is still available later. I would say that mock drafts are optional when using it as a part of your strategy, but I would definitely say do it. Plus it is absolutely free and really fun to participate in.

Advice from others :- Getting advice from someone else can really help also. Obviously, I wouldn’t ask someone that would be in the same fantasy football league as you, but asking someone who isn’t can be insightful. In addition to asking friends, many football analysts have written articles that expressed what their strategies are. For example, maybe one friend will say that he/she likes to have a lot of running backs on the team and another friend likes to have at least one elite running back and one elite wide receiver to make a team more balanced. Asking people will give you some information that may not have known about earlier. If you do end up getting advice from others, you will immediately learn that there are tons of different strategies that people use in fantasy football.

Implementing the strategy :- By now you should have a general idea of what your strategy is and who you should pick that will help satisfy your strategy. Let’s use my take a lot of running backs example for the strategy to be implemented. Good running backs are really hard to find these days because of both skill and durability. Running backs will get injured throughout the season so it is a good idea to have handcuffs (back up running back that plays for the same team) or another decent running back on your bench.

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Diet for A Basketball Player


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Basketball is a game which requires a lot of stamina because it burns a lot of energy of the players. A basketball player should eat healthy not just for the game but for his overall health. While sport burns a lot of energy, players should eat more foods that provides the right nutrients that will give him the energy to sustain his energy requirement but still balanced to attain optimum use.

Any basketball player should eat these two basic foods which are essential for them :-

Proteins :-

Carbohydrates :-


Proteins :- Proteins are the building blocks of the body which is important for paving the increase of strength and muscle mass through exercise. Fish, eggs, dairy products, milk, and meat are the good sources of proteins. There are also kinds of vegetables that are rich in protein. They should also include soys, beans and peanuts in their diet.

Carbohydrates :- Carbohydrates are essential for the working of our brain. Carbohydrates are hoarded in the liver and muscles as glycogen. Foods such as rice, bread, potatoes,fruits, honey, jam, and pasta are good sources for carbohydrates. Carbohydrates supply 50 percent of our energy needs however, since a basketball player needs more energy to keep him in the game, some sports nutritionists suggests players to have 70 percent carbohydrates.


When to eat :-

Before the game :- Eat at least 1 hour before the game. This gives the body enough time to digest the food before using in the game. It is suggested that the player should eat lots of carbohydrates to store energy.

During the game :- Players are often seen eating during the game but most people don’t know about this, eating a banana between the game helps players to replace lost energy quickly. Frequently drinking fluid during the game helps the player to keep hydrate.

After the game :- After the game, the player should take lots of protein and carbohydrates. This is because protein helps promote carbohydrate to replace the storage chemical of the cell of the body called glycogen.

So, basketball players are suggested to eat foods having high quantity of proteins and carbohydrates. They also refereed to take meals 5-7 times in day for a proper diet.


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